Liss10 Bubblegum

Liss10 - Bubblegum, is the first keratin in the world that does not need a press! It is a miracle that, through a 2-minute application without a press, neutralizes frizz, straightens the hair, leaving it soft with an excellent shine. It is fortified with organic shea butter and smells incredibly beautiful! Liss10 Bubblegum contains a mixture of organic ingredients, which penetrate directly into the core of the hair and act within 2 minutes! It neutralizes frizz and makes hair soft, with excellent shine.

True Keratin

TrueKeratin uses only natural and certified organic ingredients for its hair care products. He carefully selects the fruits, herbs, oils as well as the keratin he uses. These come from certified trusted suppliers who are against animal testing and share the same ethical values ​​regarding the environment. Her professional products are 100% formaldehyde free, and are divided into hair care products as well as polishing products.


Beardburys was created to meet the latest trends in men's styles by developing a range of products that respond to the most demanding barber techniques, allowing them to create all styles of hair, beard and even mustache. Beardburys is a complete concept for the modern barber, a company that offers the most comprehensive line of professional barber products. Beardburys is a culture in itself! A new way of knowing based on the spirit of contribution and exchange.

Amazon Keratin

Amazon Keratin is America's #1 Keratin and the brand of choice for hairstylists worldwide for optimal smoothing of their clients' hair. Always staying one step ahead, with the latest research and technology and advanced production methods, Amazon Keratin provides high quality products for better results. It provides smoothing treatments with a combination of products designed to strengthen and protect hair using ingredients such as hydrolyzed keratin, wheat protein, argan oil, collagen and amino acids. These ingredients strengthen and nourish hair for a deeply moisturized, frizz-free, long-lasting effect.

Attitude by TronTveit

Trontveit is an international company based in Denmark, which places great emphasis on good service, amazing products and innovative thinking. The company was founded in 2010 by hairdresser Thomas Trontveit, who created the ATTITUDE brand. ATTITUDE is an innovative eco-brand, based on sustainable chemistry and ecology, using exclusively green ingredients. This gives it an edge over its competitors, with products that are in demand in green, eco-friendly salons.


Max Pro products are of high quality and extremely reliable, while offering excellent value for money. As the market leader in professional styling tools, the company is so confident in the quality it offers that it offers a lifetime warranty on its straighteners and curling irons.